To register for the 2 stage April competition, click the link below and it will direct you to to register.

Competition Schedule for 04-10 and 04-11

                                     Pro                       Saturday 6:30 PM and Sunday 9 AM

                                     15+                      Saturday 1 PM and 5:30 PM

                                     13U and 11U       Saturday 11:30 AM and 4:30 PM

                                     9U and 7U           Saturday 10 AM and 3:30 PM

                                    Littlest Ninja        Saturday 9:30 AM

Athletes will have time to warm up and walk through the course prior to competition. We will also answer any questions that they may have at this time. 

These competitions are a great way for your ninja to show off their skills they have been learning or for new ninjas to see if they have what it takes.

Competitions include overview of the course and full overview of the rules as well as warm up time. Difficulty increases per age group.

This is a UNAA sanctioned event, athletes do not need to be registered with UNAA to compete. If you wish to qualify for a regional competition visit and register.


There will be a maximum of 3 Fails per course. After 3 Fails, the athletes run is over. They many finish the course but will not receive a score for the remaining obstacles. Their time will end with last Obstacle Completed. Each Obstacle will be worth 1 point for full completion. For more difficult obstacles, each obstacle can be worth 2 points and have a halfway point, which must be clearly marked with a tape mark or other. Completion of halfway is worth 1 point and NOT considered a Fail.   But a 1 point Completion.

Score is then determined by points gained, and time of full run. Points are the highest priority when determining final score with time being second priority. Most points, with fastest time wins. We no longer will offer a RETRY. Finish or fail an obstacle and move on to the next.

Top 3 or 50% of each class will advance to Regionals.